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  Dear all,

  Below is the dismissal notice of Mr.Joansen Huang(黄华,ID number:36250119800****818). Due to the serious losses and extremely negative effect caused by his poor behavior:selling shoddy goods of other companies, we solemn notify that Mr.Joansen Huang(黄华) was removed from Shenzhen Chitongda Electronic Co.,ltd.

  If Mr.Joansen(黄华) reveal our company business secret and encroach on the legal interests of Shenzhen Chitongda Electronic Co.,ltd, we will immediately sue him and his hire current company. He is responsible for the all consequences!

  Should you have any futher query regarding the goods and business, just contact Ms Silvia( or skype:silvia202583,phone:+86 13502819401),she will do it mean at any time.This declaration is valid from today on!