#Wolf-Guard 2018 #Spring Festival - It's time to stock up now!

Jan. 3,2018

#Wolf-Guard 2018 #Spring Festival - It's time to stock up no

Wolf-Guard holidays Announcement of 2018 Spring Festival  

Dear customers,  

Thanks for your long time concern and supports. 2018 Chinese Spring Festival is coming, to help you have a big harvest during this special time, Wolf-Guard kindly remind you to replenish your stock advance. 

Wolf-Guard holiday time:

 Start the holiday time: 11th - 22nd Feb. 

 Resume normal work from 23rd Feb. 

 Spring Festival: 15th - 21st  Feb. 

It’s time to stock up now. DON’T MISS THE HOT SEASON AS OUT OF STOCK. Please kindly issue your PO/demands two weeks ahead of this time if any needs. Happy new year and may happy and lucky always around you.         


Shenzhen Wolf-Guard Security Hi-tech Co.,Ltd. 

3rd January,2018

#Wolf-Guard 2018 #Spring Festival - It's time to stock up no


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