A school security solution will not only benefit to school but also families & children

Mar. 21,2018

   School security is a complicated issue. It affects children, teachers, administrators, and parents in a variety of ways, from the quality of learning to the risk of lawsuits. While a great security solution depends on different situations/needs, also the size of the defense.Here is special for children in the middle/primary school who are precious and innocent with little self-protection awareness.

   Wolf-guard school solution consist of 6 parts:SOS, Smart Light, Enviroment Detector, GPS, Video Surveillance and Broadcast. It is fully covered the problems of school’s management also the children’s safety and parents’ worries.http://www.wolf-guard.com/school-security-solution-s46.htmlA school security solution will not only benefit to school b

And which place should be used? Here are some tips for you.

  • Entryways control to school buildings including the school fence around it. It is necessary to have some intrusion sensors/detectors.
  • Monitor the school parking lot. If possible, have a parking lot monitor who oversees people entering and leaving the campus.
  • Monitor and supervise student common areas such as hallways, cafeterias, and playgrounds. If possible, add video surveillance in these areas to record anything a monitoring person may miss.
  • Emergency Alarm. A single push of a panic button can instantly save you from a dangerous incident/accident, be sure to educate them on using a panic button.
  • Ensure that all classrooms, including portable and temporary classrooms, have two-way communication with the office.

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