To know the detailed information about Wolf-Guard distribution and reseller policy, just click the link below to download.

Wolf-Guard Distribution Application

Wolf-Guard Distribution Agreement

Wolf-Guard is committed to fully understanding and meeting our customers' requirements. We realize that each of us, along with our customers and suppliers, plays a critical role in the process of continually improving how we fulfill this commitment. 

If you're interested in becoming an authorized Wolf-Guard distributor, please review the initial requirements below. If your organization meets these, please complete the distributor application form, then send it to, you will get responsed within 4 days whether approved or not. 

Terms and Conditions of becoming an Authorized Wolf-Guard Distributor/Reseller: 

1.Distributor must be strictly complied to MAP policy for all Wolf Guard brand products        which stated on Wolf Guard distributor agreement.

2.Distributor is authorized to promote, sell, and deliver Products only in the designated        Area.

3.Distributor has a good financial ability to carry on Wolf Guard brand product line.

4.Distributor is capable of providing satisfied pre-sales, sales and after sales service to      end-users.

5.Distributor could well manage its sub-resellers to comply with Wolf0Guard Marketing        regulations.