Alarm System User Manual

WM2 User Manual

Key Features:  

1. WCDMA 3G network (2G GSM compatible), PSTN, Contact ID, WIFI control(optional); 

2. Main panel with inner siren and alarm sound; 

3. 10pcs wireless defense zones and 2pcs wired zones; each wireless zone supports10 sensors; 

4. Zone type and alarm SMS of each zone could be programmed by users; 

5. 8pcs remote controllers; EV1527 and IC2262 compatible; 

6. Wireless zones have low power alert and tamper alarm function; 

7. 5 alarm phone numbers (3G or 2G); 5 PSTN alarm numbers; 3 SMS numbers; 

8. SMS alert for main panel external power off/ recovery; 

9. System settings could be done by SMS/ telephone DTMF/ APP;

10. SMS alert for main panel tamper alarm; 

WM2GR User Manual 

Key Features:  

1. WIFI and GSM dual-network alarm technology; 

2. LCD display and capacitive touch buttons;  

3. Can learn 8 wireless remote controller and 10 RFID cards;  

4. 10 wireless zones (80 detectors in total) and 3 wired zones;  

5. Each zone can be independently armed ,support accessories alarm, low voltage alarm, tamper alarm and other SMS tips;  

6. Can preset 6 groups of alarm calls ,3 groups of SMS alarms;  

7. Support mobile phone APP (Android and IOS ) operation;  

8. With one-way relay alarm linkage output, 4-way wireless home appliances control;  

9. Timing arm/disarm, delay arm, delay alarm, alarm time can be reset; 

10. 30 alarm records can be queried;  

11. Remote arm, disarm, monitor, intercom and other functions;

MR1 User Manual

Key Features:  

1. 128*64 lattice LCD screen with clock display;  

2. 2 wired and 10 wireless defense zones, each zones support maximum 10 sensors;  

3. Support maximum 10 remote controls and 10 RFID cards;  

4. One relay switch, it will be connected when alarming;  

5. Built-inhigh volume speaker, and intelligent digital voice announcer;  

6. 10-second voice message recording;  

7. Can reset 6 phones numbers, when alarming, system will make audio call to these numbers automatically;  

8. Can reset 3 SMS numbers, when alarming, system will send SMS, timely arm and disarm;  

9. Can be used as a wireless telephone by using keypad to make calls; 

10. One-key-control: away arm, home arm, arm by remote controller or telephone 

Intrusion Detectors User Manual

MC-07C User Manual

Key Features:  

1. Ultra-thin fashion design, suitable for a variety of door/window installation; 

2. Shell buckle design, easy to install; 

3. It can be installed on doors, windows or other objects that can be opened and closed; 

4. Imported chip, ultra-low power consumption, stable performance; 

5. Huge capacity lithium battery, more than 1 year standby time; 

6. Tamper alarm; 

7. Low-voltage alarm;

HW-05B User Manual

Key Features:  

1. Pet-immune, anti-glare; 

2. SMD technology to enhance anti-video frequency ability;  

3. Temperature compensation function, adjust the performance according to the environment;  

4. Anti-strong light interference; 

5. Multi-time detecting to improve sensitivity and reduce false alarm; 6. Low voltage detecting function, to remind user to charge battery in time;  

7. Intelligent power saving mode to extend lifetime of battery;  

8. Tamper alarm function, trigger alarm immediately when the outside shell is open;  

9. Battery can last for about 1-2 years.

HW-06D User Manual

Key Features:  

1. Adopt high-end double infrared sensor and artificial intelligent algorithm technology;  

2. Two important detection windows, immune to pets weighing below 25KG;  

3. Dynamic threshold adjustment technology, with good resistance to light and electromagnetic interference;  

4. Detecting sensitivity is adjustable to meet different environment requirements;  

5. Unique intelligent power saving mode, can prolong battery life;  

6. Built-in 2262 and 1527 encoding, can work with most alarm panels in the market;  

7. Use the precision Fresnel lens technology to improve the efficiency of energy reception;  

8. Adopt SMT manufacturing, more reliable performance; 

9. Suitable for residence, shopping mall, machine room, warehouse, factory etc.

JD-11 User Manual

Key Features:

1. Fashionable outlook, trendy design; 

2. Alarming with sound and flashing light, safe andreliable; 

3. Wireless detection; 

4. Rotational LED lights, different color for choice; 

5. Arm/disarm can choose with siren sound on or not; 

6. Can also be used as decoration light; 

7. Support 100pcs wireless detectors; 

8. Alarming LED with 2 selectable flashing modes.

LB-01Z User Manual

Key Features:  

1. Beautiful color scheme, red and white, brief but not simple design; 2. Original flame-resistant ABS shell;  

3. Zigbee wireless 2.4G technology, high reliability effectively eliminate same frequency interference;  

4. Ultra-low power consumption, durable;  

5. Sound and light alarm display;  

6. Battery low voltage alert;  

7. Self-test function.

Environmental Detectors User Manual

YG-07A User Manual

Key Features: 


1. Using imported US chips to ensure stable and reliable performance; 

2. Using optical maze smoke detector, without any radiation; 

3. Using ultra-low power design, can effectively extend battery life; 

4. Sound and light alarm, battery low voltage tips; 

5. Manual reset and fault self-test function; 

6. Smoke detection sensitivity adjustable to meet different environmental needs; 

7. Built-in wireless transmitter module, can work with alarm host; 

8. Suitable for residence, shop, shopping mall, office building, library, 

QG-05 User Manual

Key Features:  

1. Intelligently detects leakage of inflammable gas (LPG, coal gas, natural gas and marsh gas etc);                 

2. Temperature/concentration indication on 4 digital tube display; 

3. Could be connected with wireless home alarm system. In-built wireless signal transmit module, it can trigger connected home security alarm system to launch alarming;

4. Test power supply and circuit condition once a week; 

5. When external power is cut off, it will use the back up battery automatically, and displays ""PPPP"" to alert. 

SR-02 User Manual

Key Features: 

1. When the water is overflowing from the container, the alarm “ring” to remind the user leaking or spilling water. Please close the valve and repair it, so as to avoid the waste of water resources. Close the valve, the alarm will automatically stop alarming after overflow stops; 

2. Circuit optimization and special probe design solved alarm reliability problems caused by different water elements (probe should be installed outside of the water container, water spills); 

3. The product provide prompt and accurate location of overflow, reduce economic losses due to overflow;

4. The product can reduce installation costs, improve products level and save project cost;

5. Exquisite appearance, small size, low price and easy installation.

Accessories User Manual

JP-08C User Manual

Key Features:  

1. Touch keypad enables convenient operation;  

2. Dot-matrix LCD screen with clock display;  

3. Operation with built-in buzzer sound;  

4. Can control alarm panel actively and receive command from alarm panel;  

5. Password operation makes it safe and reliable;  

6. Tamper alarm function;  

7. Can arm/disarm by RFID cards (max 10pcs);  

8. Low power consumption, 3.7V/500mA Li battery available.

SOS-01 User Manual

Key Features:  

1. Using wireless 433MHz communication; 

2. SOS emergency button, in case of danger, one-key for help; 

3. Simple and lightweight, suitable for a wide range of places; 

4. Wireless and simple operation.