P1, the Most Powerful Security Alarm System 

P1 is one of the most powerful security alarm system of Wolf Guard. With both GSM/PSTN dual network alarm system, it gives you double security. 

P1 support 10 wireless defense zones and maximum 8 remote controls with elegant and advanced capacitive touch keypad for easy operation. It is also portable, you don’t need to worry installation or uninstallation when you move to other place, just put it anywhere you like to protect. 

Key Features of P1: 

GSM quad-band and PSTN dual network alarm system 

Large LCD display indicates every single detail you need to know 

LED backlight ensures operation more visible either by day or light 

Ergonomic touchscreen keypad designed by Europe makes operation as easy as you want 

Support 2 wired and 10 wireless defense zones 

Support maximum 8 remote controls6 Free Accounts: 6 Numbers of your friends and family could be called up if you are not unreachable  

Plug and Play: With pre-programmed panel, it just takes a few minutes to code the sensors, then it's done 

Operating Range: Sensors could reach 328 feet open area and protect homes of any size 

Compatible with Contact ID