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gsm-rfid-alarm-system, сигнализация безопасности 2G и RFID
MR1 - 2G + сигнализация RFID, ЖК-экран с дисплеем часов, поддержка 8 пультов дистанционного управления
  • byThrine
    Мар. 26,2018

    Very brilliant with tamper alarm button on the back and easy to operate with product instruction,especially the LCD screen indication,I can read and confirm my order clearly.Very good.

  • bymichaelgao
    Мар. 19,2018

    It comes as described.Easy to remote control/manage by mobile APP. Wired&wireless connaction allowed,very humanized design.

  • byJim McKnight
    Фев. 15,2018

    The defense name can be editable as you wish such as SOS/fire/gas/door/hall/window/balcony,etc. Once any one of them is trigerred,you can get the exact places alarm message then.

  • byMacduff
    Фев. 12,2018

    Great design with backlight keypad,easy to operate at night.

  • byLynn Cygan
    Янв. 8,2018

    I can see the intensity of signal directly from the LCD screen to adjust the installation place.That helps me a lot to assure it's working better.

  • byMitchell S.
    Сен. 29,2017

    As described