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WIFI-GSM-сигнализация, RFID-карта-contrl, WIFI / GSM-сигнали
WM3GR - система сигнализации WiFi и GSM (сигнал тревоги 3G, совместимый 2G), двойной сигнал сети, дисплей LCD, емкостная кнопка касания
  • byGeorge Bush
    Фев. 28,2018

    Setup was easy although I agree with other comments regarding the wiring, but for the cost I convinced myself it's worth a try.WIFI and GSM competiable,flexible and economic to choose,very brilliant point.

  • byJessica
    Янв. 4,2018

    The metal frame makes it much stronger and upscale.3G/WIFI optional for connecting,very reliable.

  • byMaksim
    Дек. 28,2017

    I’ve been wanting a security system for our house for long time, But never wanted to pay monthly fees or dues.This one can save a lot of monthly fee by WIFI. I use GSM only in case of power off.

  • byAnthony T N
    Окт. 31,2017

    This is a nice wireless home security system, with self monitoring,competiable with 2G & 3G signal.All sensors are wireless.It can connect to your Wifi network and send notifications to your phone. It can also call, if you provide a GSM chip, but that is optional.

  • byDennis Roe
    Авг. 17,2017

    Particularly good value for money with nice touch and great experience, especially its standing feet design.Many companies removed it as cost.