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WiFi-HD-камера сигнализация
IPC-316AX - HD WiFi Camera Alarm, поддержка Pan & Tilt, поддержка WiFi, поддержка 64 зоны беспроводной обороны
  • byFelix
    Янв. 16,2018

    Very interesting, it can steer automaticly and follow me when record.

  • byAdman Malik
    Дек. 29,2017

    This camera has an extra WiFi antenna to enhance signal,very great design and much stable.

  • byDenise
    Дек. 6,2017

    So far, very pleased at the alarm feature.This camera system setup and works exactly like advertised

  • byRebecca
    Ноя. 8,2017

    Perfect camera for anybody's needs! It has all functions I need, record, wifi, alarms, auto detection,home appliance control(on/off) etc. I like it very much

  • byJyn
    Сен. 21,2017

    We purchased this camera for our son. We are busy with our jobs and spend less time with our son. My wife view the video from the APP on our phone. Works great! We are Satisfied with it.

  • byLoretta McQueen
    Июл. 29,2017

    Great for keeping an eye on my pets while I'm at work. Really clear picture and lens can be able to zoom in/move.