The best solutions when you encounter these problems in your security alarm system

Mar. 12,2018

The best solutions when you encounter these problems in your

  • Q1: What can I do if machines crashed? 
  • A: Reset it to recover but it is not suggested for frequent operating.
  • Q2:The RFID alarm and fobs, what technology/frequency does it use?
  • A : RFID use 125K , and the remote control use 433mhz as alarm panal . 
  • Q3: M2E we can’t deactivate the backlight ? a few person complain that it lights up everytime you walk pass a sensor  
  • A : The old M2E design like that . but new M2E works without the function . The function-à alarm panel have  response even disarm the system .(but not actives )
  • Q4: Can you name the zones with M2E? 
  • A: No, the M2E cannot edit the zone , only M3X and M2G can edit the zone name.
  • Q5: Client bought an alarm panel with 11 extra door sensors and 11 extra PIR. All the sensors work close the the panel but none of them work further than 15m away from the panel. The door sensors are installed on PVC windows. He bought our usual sensors. What can be the problem? 
  • A: I think his house have something interference. Asking him to reset and try another day. Sometimes it will be effected when there is a big machine with similar frequency, so pls check again. Also when you install and if have block wall that also possible. Wide open distance 60-80m, but indoor about 30m is ok . pls check what's the situation . 
  • Q6: Here is a video of a strange problem! Client has 4 remotes he has paired the 1st 3 with no problem, he tries to pair the 4th remote, he types 204# but the panel shows 604# and it doesn’t work. Have you ever had that problem? 
  • A: I think that must be the keypad connected a bit tight on number 6, so when you press 2 and 6 got touched, (they are a key board inside )ask him try again till the panal try 204#, i think it will work. If it still not works and shake it to make it not such tight (it might be stuck board ).
  • Q7: Tamper 
  • A:Tamper protection protects the control panel or device from being opened or removed from it's mounting surface. For control panel, a tamper switch protects it from any removal attempts away from the bracket.
  • Q8: What's the maximum range an alarm system can cover? 
  • A: The transmitting range vary in different environment.Usually,control panel can receive signal from detectors within 200 square meters range in an ordinary house.It is recommended to install the panel in living room(open space) as wall and appliance will block signal.
  • Q9: I can't connect the RFID tag or card. 
  • A: Panel must be powered on when connecting new accessories. Back-up battery can't support connecting. And then follow the manual to do connection.
  • Q10: How can I receive an alert message and call? 
  • A: Please store the notice phone numbers first. When there is an alert, the panel will send SMS and call to them by order with 3 rounds until the panel is disarmed.
  • Q11: How to connect the wired port(Z1/Z2/Z3) on alarm panel with Wired PIR sensor. 
  • A:PIR Port connect 12v+ and GND to Z1/Z2/Z3 port 12v and GND. PIR port alarm port as picture connect with GND and Z1 The best solutions when you encounter these problems in your
  • Q12: The outdoor wired siren, LBW05, client says the power plug has a jack plug, where to connect it? do you need the adapter or is it powered by the alarm panel? 
  • A: For wired LBW05 IT can works with M2E/M2B , you need wired connect with them(both power and signal port ). For the wireless LBW05 must with adaptor, only connect the power adaptor . (it wireless connect with M2E/M2E) (BELOW M2E ports)The best solutions when you encounter these problems in your
  • Ports of LBW05The best solutions when you encounter these problems in your
  • Notice , you must finished A and B both, then it will works . 
  • A: How to get power for LBW05 .there are two way : (choose one of them to get power it’s enough ) 
  • 1. Power adaptor need to Cut and find  red cable and black cable  :  (both works for M2E/M2B)   (we suggestion use this way ) 
  • Port 12V + on LBW05  --------->connect with red cable of adaptor. 
  • Port 12V- on LBW05 ---------> Connect with Black cable of adaptor.
  • 2. Power adaptor Connect with LBW05 :(bad accident might be happy when  battery  not enough, then it will stop works after few hours) 
  • Wired LBW05 Connect way :Port 12V + on LBW05  --------->connect with P2   (you must to make the function on .means need send code 123456#5 make 12v on this for M2E since M2E don’t have 12v + ,SO use P2 instead , if connect with M2E ,then choose 12V+ to connect with ) 
  • Wired LBW05 Connect way : Port 12V- on LBW05 ---------> Connect M2E/M2B’s GND 
  • B: For the Signal port : (for wired LBW05) (both M2E and M2B) 
  • Wired LBW05 :port TRG+ on the LBW05 --------->connect with M2E/M2B’s Z1 or Z1  
  • Wired LBW05 port TRG- on the LBW05 ---------->connect with M2E/m2B’s GND 
  • For signal port: (For the wireless LBW05 Siren) ( no need wire connection ,only code it with m2e/M2B wireless works ) same way as LBW03. 

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