What can an office security alarm system do for you?

Mar. 27,2018

    Can your office security alarm system be compatible with Smart security alarm / smart light / smart lock / Video surveillance / Central fresh air system / Background music at the meantime?Except cybersecurity, your office also need a kind of this system for managing&guarding.

    This system can not only alert you to a break-in, trigger an alarm, and dispatch law enforcement, but can also provide video surveillance, manage the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system, control the lighting, automatically power down small-office equipment according to a schedule, play music, and in some cases provide access control and fire alarm detector. And let’s see the picture below, what problems can it solve for us?http://www.wolf-guard.com/office-security-solution-s44.htmlWhat can an office security alarm system do for you?

    Wolf-guard office security alarm solutions can be elaborate as your office space, design, even you’d like, etc. You can choose the partial/ full system in the above picture, but system should include smart security alarm at least. That’s the basic target we want to bring you in this article today. And you can discuss your detail needs with our sale representative.


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